Automate your payments

Payments as we wanted
them to work

We created the payment solution we dreamed of. We are entrepreneurs who suffered processing thousands of daily payments and that's why we created Radar.

Radar allows you to transfer money without friction. Connect your system with our API and start executing your payments automatically. This makes your operation more scalable, improves the experience of your customers and partners, while reducing your costs.

Radar is so secure, simple and convenient that you will soon stop suffering with payment management.

Forget about payments

Processing multiple payments every day can be slow, bureaucratic and cumbersome. In addition, errors require reattempts that involve more operational work, risks and affect the experience of both: internal and external customers.

With Radar's Payout API you will be able to process thousands of payments in a secure, automatic and scalable way.

Fintechs & STartups

Create truly scalable solutions

The big difference between a traditional company and a startup is that the startup is designed to grow quickly. Manual processes go against the ability to grow exponentially. That is why Radar provides the technological infrastructure to automate payments.

We set ourselves the goal of creating the API that we would have loved to have had available in recent years. Now you can eliminate manual processes and automate payments to reduce the risk of error.

Health Insurances

Absurdly fast refunds

Insurer Companies process multiple payments to health care providers and reimbursements to their affiliates on a daily basis.

The problem is that the Internet has accustomed us to the idea that everything must be immediate. Customers want speed, they get impatient when something takes too long and applaud when their expectations are exceeded. That's why Radar was built with the central idea of saving people's time, by reducing payment terms as much as possible.


More efficient processes at lower costs

Retail companies must manage cash refunds for customers who abandon their purchases. Sometimes this involves money transfers that must go through several stages until they are completed. That is why at Radar we help companies to be more efficient.

We set ourselves the goal of making the work of the treasury areas of companies more efficient, eliminating manual processes, automating tasks to reduce the risk of error and reducing transaction costs.

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